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Looking for the right pair of glasses?

Without the correct prescription, purchasing a pair of glasses is a waste of money. By having a comprehensive eye test and consultation with a trained optometrist, you can be sure that the type of lens and the strength of the correction is perfect for you. Prescription eyewear avoids wearing the wrong strength and potentially damaging your eyesight.

Man holding Prescription eyewear

Your bespoke glasses should be suitable for your lifestyle and resolve any sight issues you may be having. Do you struggle when reading, or perhaps when using a screen or digital device? Straining your eyes can cause headaches and double vision as well as the frustration of not being able to see properly. Custom eyeglasses from Wood Street Optical will make things easy for you.

Prescriptions For Reading - Woman wearing Prescription eyewear in the office

Prescriptions for reading

If you only struggle with reading small writing or close-to work, usually single-vision lenses will be prescribed, to be used as and when they are needed. Many students find that reading glasses might be needed when using screens and digital devices for long periods of time. And, as we get older, typically from 40 years onwards, our aging eyes need assistance when reading smaller text.

Prescriptions For Distance - Man wearing Prescription eyewear and driving

Prescriptions for distance

Many people discover they need glasses for distance when they learn to drive. A minimum standard of sight is required for the safe control of your vehicle. Driving without the correct prescription can risk an accident, invalidate insurance and even risk prosecution, so regular eye tests are essential for drivers. If you’re a cyclist, it’s equally important to be able to see potential dangers clearly on our busy roads.

Advanced Lenses

Advanced lenses

Years ago, the types of lenses available was limited. Thanks to modern technology and high-tech prescription lenses, you can have one pair of glasses for different purposes, saving you from having multiple pairs and taking different pairs on and off. These are known as bifocal and varifocal and should only be purchased from a trained optician, to ensure they are customized to your needs.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses

When working in an industrial environment, particularly when using power tools and machinery, a high standard of eyesight is essential for safe working. Adding your personal prescription to safety glasses means that you can protect your eyesight from harm and have crystal clear vision when working. With many styles of safety glasses available, there is bound to be a pair that is comfortable for you.

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