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Struggling to hear?

Hearing loss can happen for several reasons. Perhaps you’ve worked in noisy environments in the past, regularly been around extremely loud music, or the hearing loss could simply be age related.

Man having a hearing assessment in a sound proof room

Wood Street Optical offer a complementary free hearing check, which takes around 45 minutes to complete. It will test whether you can distinguish between different types of sounds and tones, as well as varying volumes.

Hearing assessments - Signs You May Need A Hearing Check

Signs you may need a hearing check

Often, it’s the people you share time with that notice the problem first. The TV volume is probably cranked up too loud. When you’re out socialising, perhaps you get embarrassed by how many times you ask people to repeat themselves. You might find it hard to concentrate when people are talking, either in a noisy room or when you’re on the phone. These are classic signs that you’re experiencing a reduction in your hearing ability.

Personalised Hearing Solutions - Older man with a hearing aid

Personalised hearing solutions

Over time, ears can become blocked with wax, which can significantly affect your ability to hear properly. This can easily be resolved with wax removal, a quick and painless solution. If there are other reasons for hearing loss, such as age or damage, there are a wide range of comprehensive hearing aids available on the market. With technological advances in hearing aids, they are easier to use and far less noticeable.

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