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Taking care of your hearing

Regarding common hearing problems, there are two main types of hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss is caused by a blockage, usually excess fluid from an ear infection or a build-up of ear wax. Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the hearing nerve or the sensitive ‘hair-like cells’ in the cochlea.

Taking care of your hearing

Every Wednesday, Wood Street Optical have hearing care appointments available to provide free hearing tests for you locally. Many patients have found these interactive tests to be fun, as well as learning all about the different ranges of sounds, explained by our audiologist.

Ear Wax Removal Service

Ear wax removal service

A build-up of ear wax is a common ear problem. Trying to clean your own ears can result in the wax becoming even more impacted or, in worse cases, cause irreversible damage to your hearing. The ‘miracle’ ear cleaning kits available online are a complete waste of money and cotton buds can cause more problems than they solve.

Ear wax may not even be the problem. A simple 45 minute check will get to the root cause of your hearing loss and, if wax is an issue, we can provide you with full ear health advice on how to soften the wax and book you in for a professional ear cleaning appointment. It can save on GP appointments and enable you to restore your hearing quickly and easily.

Older man with a hearing aid

Hearing aids

Age related hearing issues are the cause of many cases of hearing loss, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. Following a free hearing check and hearing assessment, there are many technologically advanced solutions available to suit your budget and your situation. Hearing aids can assist with improving your hearing and ultimately your quality of life.

Individualised hearing solutions include open-fit hearing aids and custom-fit hearing aids. You can choose a moulded ‘in-the-ear’ style, that fits perfectly within your ear. Thanks to battery life technology and programming, modern hearing aids are compact and discreet. Most people probably won’t even know that you’re wearing one, unless you choose to tell them.

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