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Eye care for employers and employees

A safe and healthy workforce is a happy and productive team. Computer users suffering from eye strain can lead to unforeseen headaches and sick days. For roles where good eyesight has a more vital place, such as driving jobs or industrial and manufacturing environments, it can be even more important to ensure your employees have their eyes tested regularly.

Corporate eye care - Woman with eye strain

Wood Street Optical can make it easy for you, by becoming your trusted corporate eye health partners. Depending upon the size and location of your business, there are various business eye care solutions and corporate eye care solutions available, to assist you with meeting your obligations as an employer.

Corporate eye care - Eye Test Events At Your Premises

Eye test events at your premises

With Wood Street Optical you can make it easy for your employees to get their eyes tested regularly, so they can avoid eye strain whilst you provide a safe working environment. Our onsite corporate eye test events mean that our trained optometrists visit your premises, avoiding employees having to book time off at different times for eye tests.

Our team can organise and manage the event for you, as your local optical partners. And, you can be assured that the event will run smoothly, because of our attention to detail and excellent track record of delivering great customer service.

Corporate Voucher Scheme - Pencil and envelope on a desk

Corporate voucher scheme

Employees who need glasses for display screen equipment, due to long periods of VDU use, are entitled to a regular eye examination and basic frames with lenses, funded by their employer. We can provide corporate vouchers that enable you to comply with health and safety, whilst retaining a sensible spend level. Please ask our team for details.

The voucher enables your employees to either order a basic pair of glasses or use it towards a designer pair of their choosing, with them paying the extra cost. A great way for you to manage your health and safety budget, whilst offering choices.

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