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Do you need an eye test?

It’s important to have regular eye tests, ideally every 2 years. Over time your eyesight can change, depending upon a variety of factors, such as your age and whether you use a screen regularly for home, studying or work.

Woman having an eye test
At Wood Street Optical we set aside 30 minutes for your appointment. A more comprehensive eye examination enables us to check for signs of eye conditions you may have. It also gives our optometrist the time they need to prescribe the correct lenses for you and your lifestyle.
Free NHS Eye Tests - Older man having an eye test

Free NHS Eye Tests

Wood Street Optical are able to carry out NHS eye tests. To qualify for a free NHS sight test, or for NHS vouchers, you will need to fit a specific criteria.
This is subject to change, so to check the full details, please Click Here

Private Eye Examinations - Dog wearing glasses

Private eye examinations

If you don’t qualify for a free NHS sight test, we can provide a private test. Please see our booking page for prices.
Occasionally we are able to offer free eye tests. Please check our blog for any special offers or promotions.

Eye Tests For Reading

Eye tests for reading

If you’re struggling to read, whilst holding a document in front of you, there’s a good chance your vision for close work needs to be improved with reading glasses.
This can happen as you get older and is most common from the age of 40 years onwards.

Eye Tests For Distance

Eye tests for distance

If you drive a vehicle, it’s essential that your sight meets the legal requirements for safely navigation the roads and the traffic around you.
Failing to rectify impaired sight can invalidate your insurance and even risk prosecution, in the event of an accident.

Eye tests - Eye Tests For Computer Work

Eye tests for computer work

Getting the correct prescription for extended hours of screen use can be complicated. Our optometrist will check distances and whether you also need to read whilst using your computer.
You may also want to protect your eyes from screen glare, by having a specialist coating applied. Our tailored lens solutions will ensure your prescription is convenient and practical for your needs.

Elderly man being assisted - Eye Tests At Home

Eye tests at home

For the elderly, those with a disability, or those that are housebound, we’re able to arrange an eye test at your home.

We can also conduct tests in a care home setting if required.

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